Real World Conversations Through Genuine Engagement

Seviant™ will successfully engage in areas monolithic marketing just can’t reach.

Develop a meaningful dialogue with current and future clients both locally and around the globe.

Humans like to communicate, why not communicate with them about your brand.

We become your voice with importance and priority given to what you care about most.

Outperform Competition

The importance of customer engagement cannot be overstated. Companies with engaged customers outperform those without by percentages that we can’t even fit in this little sentence.

Happier Customers

Engaged customers are also happier with their respective brands, stay with and remain actively engaged longer, and are more open to new experiences.


Client Acquisition

While the benefits of customer acquisitions are clear, customer engagement is a struggle for most companies, with over 71% reporting that they are not fully engaged with their customer base.

Genuine Openness

Generating meaningful dialogue for customers, clients and partners requires genuine encouragement. Its very important that you openly communicate & share your companies vision with your most important supporters.

How does Seviant™ Engage With My Constituents?

We believe that customer service is the most important model for genuine engagement—or it should be—which is why we become you. We transform into your publicly directed customer service managers.

Our continuously evolving and adapting strategy on social media engagement methods are key in effectively engaging on channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Yelp.




Ask yourself, are you only reacting to customers who post negative reviews or complaints? If you answered yes, then you’re definitely headed in the wrong direction because…

if you are reacting to customer engagement opportunities, your already too late

Seviant™ can demonstrate exactly how we can work together to engage your user and customer base.


Really meant to engage with customer in a positive way but just can't quite get it right.

Social Engagement





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