Measure Your Social Media Failures Success


Track growth, content performance, and progress.


Discover influencers & analyze trends in your social media.


Easily analyze comments, engagement & social data.


Businesses that truly know the makeup of these audiences and their interests are able to make smarter and more strategic marketing decisions. We start by capturing the this data across all businesses marketing channels.


A measurement strategy that aligns itself with your business goals is extremely important when building brand awareness. By tracking your social metrics, Seviant™ will help determine the importance of specific strategies unique to your desired results.


Analyze and understand the audiences, conversations, and competitors that matter to you most. Raw data is examined using methodologies developed over years and years of detailed analysis. Our process works like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


Creating meaningful rich content is only half the equation. The other half is identifying what content is resonating with followers and the general public while measuring the level of engagement versus other similar content.

What Can Seviant™ Social Analytics Do For My Business?

Gain more exposure.
Find prospects and leads.
Increase site traffic.
Find new business partners.
Improve search engine rankings.
Amplify existing marketing.
Close more deals.
Improve brand awareness.
Identify sources of ROI.
Develop your own community.
Provide real world results.

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