Social Media Compliance and Auditing Strategies



For industries requiring its participants to be compliant to a set of governing laws, social media communication carries with it a wide array of legal risks. If you are in these industries, compliance principles that govern both public and private communications extends to posts, tweets, profiles and images. The consequences can be very expensive.



If auditing should occur, Seviant™ provides a complete solution for industries requiring a business to comply with record keeping requirements such as FOIA, FINRA,  FCA, and SEC. We are one the industry’s most effective solution providers for managing records of social media communications and activities before, during and after an audit.


Join the many thousands of customers in regulated industries relying on the protection of a unified, search-ready repository and interface for powerful e-discovery and policy-based compliance supervision. Protect yourself and your hard work by allowing Seviant™ to create, distribute, publish and manage your social media communications.


Seviant™ captures and secures more than just archives of your social media activities, we take it further by helping you establish oversight, while reducing risk, and improving your responsiveness in legal matters. Our staff preserves records in context with full metadata, allowing you to replay your social media exactly as it happened.

What Can Seviant™ Social Communications Compliance Experts Do For My Business?

Gain exposure while staying compliant.
Find prospects and leads within the law.
Increase site traffic without violating trade rules.
Find new business partners.
Improve search engine rankings.
Amplify existing marketing.
Close more deals without the fear of audit.
Improve brand awareness while compliant.
Identify sources of ROI.
Develop your own community.
Provide real world results.

Five common categories of regulatory requirements controlling how organizations manage their social media efforts:
Data Protection And Privacy

Laws and regulations that ensure customers’ rights to privacy are covered (and appropriately stated in public privacy statements) when organizations collect, store, and use social media data. Example regulation: The proposed EU General Data Protection Regulation, including the “right to be forgotten” provision.

Employee Rights

Guidelines that dictate how companies can construct social media policies as well as to what extent they can monitor the activity of current employees and prospective hires. Example regulation: The National Labor Relations Act, which the NLRB has cited to push companies such as Target and Costco to rewrite their social media operating procedures.

Disclosure And Third-Party Endorsement

Proper protocols for product marketing, endorsements, and disclosure of corporate financial information, ensuring these activities take place in a “clear and conspicuous” manner on social media, and that social features, such as Facebook “likes” and Twitter “re-tweets,” are appropriate. Example regulation: The FTC’s updated .COM Disclosures Guidance.

Governance And Oversight

Rules that require companies to establish proper processes, controls, and monitoring for worker business use of social media. Example regulation: FFIEC’s proposedSocial Media Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance.

Information Archiving And Retention

Parameters that specify how and in what circumstances organizations should capture and retain social media conversations for the purposes of legal holds and investigations, treating social media as another form of electronic communications. Example regulation: FINRA Regulatory Notices 10-06 and 11-39.

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