Real Estate Photography School

Learn Professional Photography Skills

Increase Appeal & Valuation

Learn how to use Professional equipment and real-estate specific wide angle lenses, in addition to the latest software to deliver outstanding image quality and sell your property at a significantly higher valuation. 

Tools of the Trade

Learn the skills needed to photograph properties in natural light with multiple exposures, in order to capture a realistic representation of the home and then use image blending technology to create photos that really shine.

Take Photos People Will Love

Learn to take daytime interior and exterior images that utilize creative compositions, angles, and flow to truly convey the essence and feeling of your home. Frame your images and perspectives the way a buyer would want to see the house while making the property looks its absolute best.

You Could Be Taking Photos Just Like This For Yourself

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Get simple and convenient 1-on-1 training from Seviant™ Studio experts that have perfecting their skills for years. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get detailed answers to all your questions and gain insight into the secrets of real estate photography. Setup your free one-on-one question/answer session using this form.

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